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Official site of Research Institute of HyperComplex Systems in Geometry and Physics

Official site of Research Institute of HyperComplex Systems in Geometry and Physics: . There one can find the information of Institute activity.


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Dear colleague,

On behalf of the team of the Research Institute Hyper Complex Systems in Geometry and Physics you are invited to take part in the official presentation of our Institute.
The presentation arrangements will take place on May 4-5, 2009 in Moscow and Fryazino, Russia. The program including time and address will be sent in the Second information letter.
The Institute was registered less than a year ago, and its foundation is the appropriate stage of the many year activity of Physics theoreticians and mathematicians from various countries in the field of hyper complex algebras, related Finsler geometries and physical applications.
Before the Institute was founded, the initiative group supported by Bauman MGTU, Lomonosov MSU, several Institutes of RAS, foreign Universities, United Physical Society of RF and Russian Gravitational Society organized five International Scientific Conferences, about a hundred seminars, dozens of meetings with the world leading physicists. Since 2003, the specialized scientific journal is published and the Schools for young scientists and post-graduates are held with leading Russian and foreign scientists as lecturers.
The activity of the Institute is closely linked with the International Foundation for the Research and Development in Finsler Geometry in conducting competitions and announcing prizes for the solution of fundamental problems on the juncture of Finsler Geometry and Physics.
One of the goals of this presentation is the discussion of the collaboration between the Russian and foreign institutions in investigating the hypothesis of the possibility to use the fourth-order Berwald-Moor metric function as the geometric basis of the real space-time. The limit transition from some of the Finsler spaces with Berwald-Moor metric to the pseudo Riemannian spaces of the general relativity theory could open the way to use the infinite dimensional groups of the continuous conformal symmetries of the corresponding Finsler geometry for the further investigation of the properties of space-time.
One can get acquainted with the current state in the research of Finsler spaces with Berwald-Moor metric and related hyper complex algebras in the Collection of papers Space-Time Structure. Algebra and Geometry, Moscow: Lilia-Print, 2007. 528 pp. edited by D.G. Pavlov, Gh. Atanasiu, V. Balan , and also in the papers present at .
The program of presentation will include the official part and the plenary talks. Those who wish will have an opportunity to watch the fragments of the new film Geometry of the Universe from different view points and to take part in the friendly lunch. The discussion of problems in the format of round table is planned as a conclusion during the visit to the suburban base of the Institute.
All the expenses of your participation in the presentation (transport and accommodation) will be covered by the Institute.


General Director Vladimir O. Gladyshev
Chairman of the Trustee Council Dmitry G. Pavlov

Program of the official presentation

Program of the official presentation
of the Research Institute HyperComplex Systems in Geometry and Physics
May 4-5, 2009, Moscow and Fryazino, Russia

3 May
Arrivals and transfers of the participants
The Hotel Lefortovsky most: 9/23, 2nd Baumanskaya st., Moscow, 105005, Russia
l. (495)777-94-51. Fax: 495 777 94 35

4 May
Conference Hall. Study Laboratory Building, Rubtsovskaya naberezhnaya st. 2/18, Moscow
9-00 - 10-00 Registration. Submitting applications for participating in work of Round tables
10-00 - 11-00 Opening. Speeches of leaders of the Institute and guests
Plenary reports
Chair: Prof. A. Morozov, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia.
11-00 - 12-00 Prof. George Bogoslovsky, Research Institute Hypercomplex Systems in Geometry and Physics; Skobeltsyn Nuclear Physics Institute of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia,
Towards Finsler Expansion of General Relativity.
12-00 - 12-30 Dr. Dmitry Skulachev, Space Research Institute RAS,
Cosmic background radiation - history of discovery.
12-30 - 13-00 Prof. Simon Shnol, Department of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics Institute RAS,
Anisotropy and discreteness of space-time in alpha-decay experiments.
13-00 - 14-00 Lunch
Plenary reports
Chair: P. Rowlands, Liverpool University, Great Britain.

14-00 - 14-45 Dr. Grigory Garas'ko, Sergei Lebedev, Dmitry Pavlov, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow; Research Institute Hypercomplex Systems in Geometry and Physics, Fryazino, Russia,
Bervald-Moor Metric and cosmic background radiation.
14-45 - 15-30 Prof. Vladimir Balan, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Department of Mathematics I, Bucharest, Romania,
Finsler Geometry - recent achievements.
15-30 - 16-15 Dr. Vladimir Kassandrov, General Physics Department, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia,
Algeba-Geometry-Physics: branches of a unique tree?
16-15 - 17-00 Prof. David Bao, Chair Department of Mathematics, San Francisco State University, California, USA,
Some Remarks on Finsler Geometry.
17-00 - 19-00 Documentary "Anisotropy world". Banquet

5 May
Research Center Wood Lake, settlement Litvinovo near Fryazino, Moscow region
Leaving for the Research Center at 9-00 from Study Laboratory Building of Bauman University, Moscow
Plenary reports
Chair: Prof. Vladimir Balan, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania.

10-30 - 11-00 Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli, Institute for Basic Research Algebras, Groups and Geometries, Florida, USA,
New sciences for the third millennium.
11-00 - 11-30 Dr. Vargas Jose Gabriel, PST Associates, Colombia, USA,
The algebra and Calculus of Integrands: from Clifford through Cartan to Kaehler.
11-30 - 12-00 Prof. Jose Borges de Almeida, Universidade do Minho, Physics Department, Braga, Portugal,
How much in the Universe can be explained by geometry?
12-00 - 13-00 Lunch
Plenary reports
Chair: Prof. Jose Borges de Almeida, Universidade do Minho, Physics Department, Braga, Portugal

13-00 - 13-30 Prof. Peter Rowlands, Department of Physics, University of Liverpool, Oliver Lodge Laboratory, Liverpool, UK,
Beyond the Dirac equation.
13-30 - 14-00 Dr. Brinzei Nicoleta, "Transilvania" University, Brasov, Romania,
On the equations of gravity and electromagnetism in anisotropic spaces.
14-00 - 14-30 Prof. Pit-Mann Wong, Department of Mathematics, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA,
Torsion and curvature (holomorphic bisectional, holomorphic sectional, Ricci (Eibstein), Bochner-Weyl (conformal) of complex Finsler metrics.
14-30 - 15-00 Coffee break
15-00 - 18-00 Work of Round tables
18-00 - 18-30 Summing up work of Round tables
18-30 - 20-00 Banquet
20-00 - 21-00 Leaving for Moscow

6 May

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