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Brief Report on Conference "Cairo-2006"

60 participants from 15 countries

Fotos from Conference "Cairo-2006"



International Scientific Conference

"Finsler extensions
of Relativity Theory"
4-10 November 2006 Cairo, Egypt

Dear Colleagues!

Bauman Moscow State Technical University invites you to participate in the International Scientific Conference "Finsler extensions of Relativity Theory", to be held in Cairo, Egypt, from 4-10 November 2006.
The aim of the Cairo Meeting is to further examine and explore a number of topics which were studied by those mathematicians who took part in the Finsler Geometry Section of the Moscow Conference on Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory in July 2005 and which formed the subject of the 1st International Workshop on Finsler Geometry which took place in Cairo in October 2005.The steady growth of interest in the ideas and the program of Finsler Geometry has become increasingly apparent in recent years, and was reflected in the attendance at these two meetings.The main topics to be covered in this International Conference will be as follows:

1. The general philosophical and mathematical principles underlying the Finsler extensions of relativity theory.
2. Different Finsler metric functions and the geometries of their corresponding spaces.
3. Spaces whose metric function is a symmetric polynomial depending on three variables of the third order ( the Berwald - Moore metric ).
4. Spaces whose metric function is a symmetric polynomial depending on four variables of the third order ( Chernov spaces ).
5. Spaces whose metric function is a symmetric polynomial depending on four variables of the fourth order ( four-dimensional Berwald - Moore spaces).
6. The issues involved in the extension and generalization of the principal geometric and physical structures associated with the spaces of classical and relativistic physics (e.g of Riemannian Geometry) to the setting of Finsler spaces.
7. Models of the observer's space-time in Finsler extensions of Special Relativity Theory.
8. Multilinear symmetric forms of vectors as Finsler extensions of the scalar product.
9. Study of the main invariants of Finsler spaces.
10. Linear Finsler spaces and their connection with Hypercomplex numbers.
11. The Symmetries of Finsler spaces.
12. Isometric, conformal and extended conformal transformations of Finsler spaces.
13. Finsler spaces and operations of the n-th order.
14. Experimental investigations and astrophysical observations designed to detect possible evidence for the anisotropy of real space-time.

As will be seen from this list, the 2006 Conference will focus particular (though not exclusive) attention on Geometries whose metric functions are symmetric polynomials. This focus is connected with the fact that the quadratic form of the space-time of Special Relativity is a symmetric polynomial dependent on four second-order variables. As was shown in work presented by a number of mathematicians at the 2005 Workshop, there are striking correspondences, involving passage to the limit, between such Finsler Geometries and the spaces of classical and relativistic physics.

Those interested in the subject of Finsler Geometry, who wish to register for the 2006 Workshop, will receive gratis a (DVD) copy of the Proceedings of the 2005 Workshop (the great majority of the talks are in English) together with a special number of the Journal "Hypercomplex Numbers in Geometry and Physics" containing the reports of that meeting and other papers on Finsler Geometry. These will be sent out on receipt of the registration form and fee.

In addition to the Scientific proceedings of the 2006 Conference, an extensive cultural program will be provided for participants. Amongst the excursions planned are guided visits to the Pyramid complexes of the Giza Plateau, Dashura, Medum and Saqqara, and the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo, which houses incomparably the greatest collection of Egyptian Antiquities in the world. There will also be optional excursions to a number of ancient temples.

Completed Registration Forms, together with an abstract of any talk or report which the participant wishes to submit to the Workshop, should be sent by e-mail to the following address:

Further information will be posted in due course on the website of the 2006 Workshop at:

The Registration Fee is $ 100 US. The cost of accommodation in a single room with ensuite bathroom at the site of the Workshop, which is located near to the Pyramids of Giza, is (approximately) $ 40 US per night.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Dmitri Pavlov

Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference
"Finsler Extensions of Relativity Theory",
tel./fax: (095) 956-67-89

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