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How to see videofiles

Now all videos are replaced to files with best quality!

In most cases videofiles have MKV 768x576 format with 2 audiotracs --
original (Russian or English) and translation (English or Russian).
Use player, which support multiple audiotracks, such as KMPlayer (see page "Software").
Numbers represent volume of files in megabytes

Multydimensional Time

New film     (592 Mb)  

768x576 MKV; the videofiles have 2 audiotracs: 1st track is the original Russian and 2nd is English translation.

Anisotropic world

First part of the film     (513 Mb)                 Second part of the film     (723 Mb)

768x576 MKV; the videofiles have 2 audiotracs: 1st track is the original Russian and 2nd is English translation.

The Geometry of Universe from the differing viepoints

The film     (688 Mb)

768x576 MKV; the first audiotrack is the original Russian, second one is English translation.

Lections of R. Penrose and Seminars with him

Videofiles with Penrode's lections have two audiotracs: with english and russian texts.
R. Penrose   Complex Numbers and Twistor theory File 355 Mb
R. Penrose   Seeing through the Big Bang into Another World File 299 Mb
С. Кокарев   Polynumber field theory (with discussion) File 328 Mb
S. Siparov   On the foundations of the Generalized Equivalence Theory (Anisotropic Geometrodynamics) (with discussion) File 352 Mb

Reports of the Conference FERT-2012 (Moscow-2012)

The videofiles have 2 audiotracs -- original (russian or english) and translation (english or russian).

Vladimir Balan   Spectral theory and generalized convexity advances in the m-root framework File 51
Georgi Bogoslovski   Inversion of a preffered direction and the corresponding changes in the group of isometries of the axially symmetric finslerian space-time File 96
Igor Bulyzhenkov   Internal energy changes can vary GR geodesic curves File 57
Grigori Garas'ko   Лестничное представление невырожденных поличисел File 79
Sergei Kokarev   Essentials of the theory of functions over polynumbers variables (TFPV) File 72
Yuri Kurochkin   Biquaternions, Lorentz transformations and polar decomposition of Mueller matrices File 40
Oleg Mornev  Double Numbers in the Setting of Higher Dimensions File 68
Victor Panchelyuga   Exploring researches on space-time effects of hyperbolic fields File 58
Dmitri Pavlov   The hyperbolic fields: basic properties and perspectives of applications File 93
Nikolai Perminov   Finslerian spaces, corresponding to deformed Newton dynamics File 22
Sergey Siparov   First principles and observational backup on the Equivalence Theory (Anisotropic Geometrodynamics) File 101
A. Solov'yov   On volume elements in Pseudo-Finslerian spaces with the Shimada metrics File 40
Yu. Vladimirov   Binary geometrophysics and Finsler geometry File 55

Reports of the Conference FERT-2011 (Brashov-2011)

S. Siparov   On the gravitation of the moving bodies File 412
Yuri Vladimirov   Finslerian geometry and the theory of gravitation File 51
Sergey Kokarev   Extravariational Principle in the Theory of Fields File 51
Radu Miron   On Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics File 96

Reports of the Conference FERT-2010 (Moscow-2010)

The videofiles have 2 audiotracs -- original (russian or english) and translation (english or russian).

V. Balan   New results in the spectral theory of special m-root structures File 83
Bogoslovski Georgi   On some aspects of the theory of locally anisotropic space-time File 130
Chernov Vladimir   The Berwald-Moor Computer File 158
Fjelstad Paul   Tracking Concepts in theWake of Generalizing File 60
Galmak Alexander   On n-ary subgroups of n-ary group Аn–1, [ ]n, n–1 File 73
Kisil Vladimir   Symmetries, hypercomplex numbers and non-differential geometry File 126
Kokarev Sergei   Algebraic unified theory of space-time and matter on the double variable File 116
Lebedev Sergei   Staircase (generalized exponential) form of polynumbers considered taking H3 and H4 as an example File 95
M. Neagu   Jet local Riemann-Finsler geometry for the three-dimensional time File 32
Panchelyuga Victor   About Julia pre-fractals structure on the double-numbers plane File 63
Pavlov Dmitri   The hyperbolic analogue of electromagnetic field File 84
Silagadze Zurab   On the Finslerian extension of the Schwarzschild metric File 126
Sergey Siparov   Several remarks on the anisotropic geometrodynamics File 138
Voicu-Brinzei Nicoleta   On the equations of electromagnetism in spaces with Finsler geometry File 96
J. Wood   Harmonic morphisms and bicomplex manifolds File 92

Report of D. Pavlov on Seminar 24.04.2010

640x480 WMV; only 1 audiotrack (Russian original).

File (114 Mb)

Reports on Seminar 16 01 2010 about double numbers

640x480 WMV; only 1 audiotrack (Russian original).

Г. Гарасько     File     (61 Мб)         Д. Павлов     File     (57 Мб)

С. Кокарев     File     (73 Мб)         В. Панчелюга     File     (75 Мб)

Reports of the Conference FERT-2009 (Moscow-2009)

The videofiles have 2 audiotracs -- original (russian or english) and translation (english or russian).

Vladimir Balan   Notable submanifolds in Berwald-Moor spaces File 158
Vladimir Balan   On the Legendre transform and Hamiltonian formalism in Berwald-Moor geometry File 91
Grigory Garas'ko   The principle of self-efficiency of the Finsler geometry in condensed version File 90
Vladimir Ivashchuk   On multidimensional solutions of cosmological-type governed by Finslerian 4-metrics File 121
Olga Kosheleva   Polynomial (Berwald-Moore) Finsler Metrics and Related Partial Orders Beyond Space-Time: Towards Applications to Logic and Decision Making File 63
Vladik Kreinovich   Computational Aspects of Physical Models Based on Berwald-Moore-based Finsler Geometry: General Computational Complexity and Specifics of Relativistic Celestial Mechanics Testing File 128
Sergei Lebedev   The background rediation anisotropy and the 4d Finsler space with Berwald-Moore metrics File 115
Sergey Levin   The large-scale of angular and spatial anisotropy of red shift for radio galaxies and quasars File 82
Victor Panchelyuga   About construction of Julia set analogues on the double numbers plane File 93
Nikolay Perminov   Applications of resultants in the spectral m-root framework File 87
Sergei Siparov   Classical GRT tests in anisotropic geometrodynamics and their meaning File 172
Mikhail Fil'chenkov   Special class of Finslerian metrics and de Sitter spaces File 137
Aleksandr Eliovich   On some aspects of applying polynorms on algebras in physics File 92

Film about the Finsler Geometry School

Only 1 audiotrack (Russian original).

File (101 Mb)

Reports of the Conference FERT-2008 (Cairo-2008)

640x480 WMV.

D. Pavlov   Space-time with Berwald-Moor metrics 97   File  
S. Kokarev   Additive polyangles in H3 84   File  
S. Lebedev   The relation between the polynumber 3D, 4D Berwald-Moore spaces
and the relativistic transformation
50   File  
G. Bogoslovskiy   Finslerian general relativity based on the group DISIMB(2) 151   File  
S. Siparov   Introduction to the problem of anisotropy in geometrodynamics 102   File  
G. Gibbons   Encounters with Finsler Geometry 108   File  
V. Chernov   Introduction to the theory of functions in H2-alegbra 93   File  
V. Balan   Spectral properties and applications
of the numerical multilinear algebra of m-root structures
74   File  
N. Brinzey, S. Siparov   On the equations of electromagnetism in anisotropic spaces 78   File  
Yu. Vladimirov   Finsler geometry in relational approach in physics 147   File  
S. Bolohov   On the description of elementary particles in Finslerian spaces 80   File  
V. Pancheluga   On double numbers fractals 75   File  

TV report about the Conference FERT-2007

Only 1 audiotrack (Russian original).

Videofile (13 Mb) (in Russian)

Reports of the Conference FERT-2007 (Moscow)

G. Atanasiu, N. Brinzei-Voicu   Einstein equations for the homogeneous prolongation of a Finsler metric to the tangent bundle 93   File    
V. Balan   New results in the geometry of Berwald-Moor submanifolds 179   File    
N. Brinzei-Voicu, S. Siparov   On the possibility of the OMPR effect in spaces with Finsler geometry 96   File    
A.M. Gal'mak   N-ary groups 160   File    
G.I. Garas'ko   Weak fields 42   File    
M. Lachieze-Rey   On the Global Topology of Some Cosmological Models 114   File    
S.V. Lebedev   The spaces conformally connected to the 3-dimentional Berwald-Moor space 103   File    
D.G. Pavlov   Polymetric geometries and Rashewski's pseudo-Finsler spaces 106   File    
V.A. Pancheluga   On the fractal structure of a space discovered with investigation of the local time effect 132   File    
S.V. Siparov   Astrophysical measurements and the choice of geometry to describe the space-time 108   Rus    
O. Titov   The apparent proper motions of reference radio sources 70   File    
A. Eliovich   N-norms on nonassociative algebras 156   File    
A. Skl'arov   Egypt pyramids and the properties of the H4 polynumbers space 140   File    
T. Sherkova   Two Aspects in Integrity of Acient Egyptian Conceptions 118   File    

Reports of the Conference "Physical Interpretations of Relativity theory" (PIRT) -- 2007

Only 1 audiotrack (Russian original).

Лебедев С. В.   "Трехмерное пространство, конформное пространству Бервальда-Моора"     File     (26 Мб)

Павлов Д. Г.   "Об аналоге решения Фридмана для Финслерового пространства с анизотропной метрикой Бервальда-Моора"     File     (38 Мб)

Сипаров С. В.   "Темная материя -- альтернативы и проверка"     File     (49 Мб)

Зарипов Р. Г.   "Релятивистские уравнения для волновой функции в пространстве-времени Бервальда-Моора"     File     (19 Мб)

Reports on Seminar 24 02 2007

Only 1 audiotrack (Russian original).

Гарасько Г. И.   "Финслерова геометрия и теория поля"     File     (298 Мб)

Павлов Д. Г.   "Обобщение понятия длины и угла (полиуглы и тринглы)"     File     (174 Мб)

Reports of the Conference FERT-2006 (Cairo-2006)

Only 1 audiotrack (Russian original).

D. Pavlov   83   File         G. Garas'ko   60   File
S. Siparov   112   File        V. Chernov   38   File
P. Suharevskiy   38   File A. Pozhidaev   75   File
Yu. Vladimirov   89   File G. Bogoslovskiy   205   File

Reports of the Conference FERT-2005 (Cairo-2005)

The videofiles have 2 audiotracs: 1st track is the original (Russian or English) and 2nd is the translation (English or Russian).

D. Pavlov   112   File         G. Garas'ko   67   File
S. Siparov   134   File        V. Chernov   67   File
V. Pancheluga   90   File N. Brinzei-Voicu   83   File
S. Lebedev   89   File G. Bogoslovskiy   85   File
M. Neagu   25   File    

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